72 Great Speaking & Listening
Activities for your ESL / EFL Students

131 pages of photocopiable ESL / EFL worksheets in a handy ebook

Hi! My name is Chris Elvin. I'm a university lecturer and a high school teacher in Japan, and I have been living and working here since 1988. In the 17 years that I have been working as an English as a foreign language teacher, I have built up several hundred personally made interesting and stimulating teaching materials.
For a limited period of time, I am offering 72 of my best activities for a knock down price of just
$19.95. That's a whopping 61% off the regular price that I sell the hard copy version for here in Japan, and 21% off the price I have sold the ebook on eBay for.

"Lots of good ideas. Looking forward to using some. Was as described. A+++"
eBay customer blondeincharge

"Thanks VERY MUCH! AWESOME file too!"
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The best way to explain my offer, perhaps, is to answer some questions that you may have, so here goes!

Who are you?

What kinds of activities are in the book?

* I categorize pair work as a speaking activity, even though it can also be viewed as listening. Conversely, many listening activities, such as class quizzes, can also be viewed as speaking. Basically, all activities involve some form of communication.

Can you list some of the activities?

Level 6

  1. Agreeing and disagreeing (social issues) - pair work - speaking
  2. Feelings - pair work - speaking
  3. Multiple intelligences - pair work - speaking
  4. Our opinions - group work - speaking
  5. Time (cultural relativity) - class work - speaking
  6. What will life be like in 2020? - pair work - speaking
  7. World cultures international party - class work - speaking
  8. World Flags - pair work - speaking

Level 5

  1. Are you emotionally smart? - class work - listening
  2. Emotions - pair work - speaking
  3. General knowledge quiz - class work - listening
  4. Guy Fawkes Day - class work - listening
  5. Halloween - class work - listening
  6. Japan and America - pair work / class work - speaking
  7. My home an hobbies - class role play game
  8. Science numbers - pair work - speaking
  9. Science quiz - class work - listening
  10. What is your future career? - pair work - speaking
  11. Why are you angry? - class work role-play
  12. FIFA world cup countries - class work role-play

Level 4

  1. 100 words - pair work - speaking
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger - class work - listening
  3. Christmas holiday - class work - listening crossword
  4. Have you ever flown? - pair work - speaking
  5. How often is there a presidential election? - class quiz
  6. What did she major in? - pair work - speaking
  7. What do they do? - pair work - speaking
  8. Who am I talking about? - class work - listening

Level 3

  1. About you - pair work - speaking
  2. Bonfire night - class work - listening
  3. Describe and draw - pair work - speaking
  4. Find someone 1 - class work speaking role-play
  5. Find someone 2 - class work speaking
  6. Halloween - class work - listening
  7. Number practice - pair work - speaking
  8. Preferences - pair work - speaking
  9. Spring vacation - pair work - speaking
  10. Time bingo - class work - listening
  11. What am I thinking of? - pair work - speaking
  12. Which country? - pair work speaking crossword
  13. Which do you like better? - pair work - speaking
  14. Which country is it? - class work - listening
  15. Who's who? - pair work - speaking
  16. Will you master English? - pair work - speaking
  17. Christmas crossword - class work - listening

Level 2

  1. Christmas crossword - class work - listening
  2. Happy families - class role-play - speaking
  3. How often do you? - pair work - speaking
  4. Is she? - class tag response activity - speaking
  5. It's an animal crossword - pair work - speaking
  6. Let's go shopping - pair work - speaking
  7. Movie stars - pair work - speaking
  8. My friends call me Sue - class work - speaking
  9. Nice to meet you - pair work - speaking
  10. Same as me - pair work - speaking
  11. Time bingo - class work - listening
  12. What time do you have breakfast? - pair work - speaking
  13. Whose are these? - group work - speaking

Level 1

  1. Are you writing? - pair mime guessing game - speaking
  2. Are you happy? - pair work - speaking
  3. Bingo - class work - listening
  4. Can you? Do you? - group work - speaking
  5. Can you skate? - group work - speaking
  6. Do you have a pet? - pair work speaking
  7. Do you like baseball? - class work - speaking
  8. Do you like ice cream? - pair work speaking
  9. Do you play the piano? - pair work - speaking
  10. TPR (total physical response) for beginners - class work - listening
  11. When's your birthday? - class work - speaking
  12. Who cooks the dinner? - pair work - speaking
  13. Who is in the art club? - pair work - speaking

Does it come with a teacher's manual?

  • No, it doesn't, but it doesn't need one. When I arrived in Japan way back in the late eighties, I was fresh off the boat and couldn't speak a word of the language. We had no resources, so I had to write them. At first, I wasn't able to explain my activities to my students very well at their level in my L1, so I decided to write really easy ready-to-use teaching materials that didn't require much explanation. I have kept faithful with this philosophy as a materials writer ever since.

Do I need to be an experienced teacher to use these worksheets?

  • Not at all! As I say above, I had to develop a style that cut down on wasteful teacher talk, and get the students started early. Most of the worksheets have some basic rubrics for the students to read, but usually they don't need them. You may have to explain how you want them to do pair work for the first time, perhaps, but after that all you really need to do is briefly explain the activity, hand out the prints, and then let them get on with it while you circulate and monitor their progress. For the listening activities, you may need to read a script or ask quiz questions, for example, but nothing is rocket science!

Is it possible to see a sample file beforehand?

  • All the files in my ebook can be downloaded for free, one by one, from my web site http://eflclub.com. If you try some of my resources and like them, please consider buying my ebook. This will encourage me to write more great free worksheets!

How do your worksheets compare with your textbook?

How can I get a hold of your textbook?

Can I use these worksheets with university students?

You teach EFL, right? How appropriate are these materials for ESL.

Do you recycle some units for other levels?

  • No, I don't. Some of the titles may appear similar and share the same idea as other worksheets, but I can assure you that they are very different.

What class size are they for?

  • I have used them in private lessons and in my regular fifty students a class lessons.

Is it in American English?

  • Yes, it is. In Japan, we teach American English, regardless of our own nationality, so I write for that audience.

How big are the pages?

  • They are A4, but you can easily re-size to any size for viewing on the screen or for printing.

Are there any mistakes?

  • I don't think so. I have used these materials many times before, and I am always trying to improve them. If you happen to find a mistake, please contact me straight away and I will send you a copy of the re-edited version within 48 hours.

Do your worksheets contain graphics?

  • Yes, some do, to add a little spice, but most don't. I used Corel Gallery and Microsoft clip-art in some worksheets, and a small but allowable amount of copyright photos in others.

Can I copy and paste the worksheets into my other documents?

Can I print it?

Is it likely to go out of date?


How long did it take you to write the materials?

  • About 17 years! Since I arrived in Japan, I have always written my own supplementary material. Not all of them went well - some were disasters, and many needed to be re-edited or thrown out. The worksheets I am offering have all been thoroughly planned, are pedagogically sound, interesting, motivating, and have been piloted and refined several times over.

Why is your ebook so expensive?

How can I pay?

How big is the file?

I don't have a very fast Internet connection. Is there any way I can receive the file?

What happens if I lose the file?

How soon can I receive it?

I don't want an ebook. Can you send me a hard copy through the post?

What's an eBook?

Do I need any special software to read it?

What advantages do eBooks have?

Can't I just download your resources for free from your web site anyway?

Do you offer a refund?


Are you crazy?

Can I resell the book?

Do you offer a discount?

Do you have any special bonuses?


How can I find out more about you?

Would you buy the book for yourself?

Well, that's about all I can think of at the moment. If you have any further questions, please get in touch and I will add your question to the list. If you want to buy 72 Great Speaking and Listening Activities for ESL / EFL Students, I can assure you that you won't be disappointed. Please also remember that if, by any chance, you are not happy with my ebook for any reason, I offer a full refund minus my eBay listing fee and Papal charge.


Finally, if you buy and like my ebook, please tell your friends, or keep in touch with me, either by email or via my website.

Good luck and kind regards!

Chris Elvin